10 Colour Idioms

Impariamo alcuni modi di dire relativi ai colori. Tra parentesi la traduzione letterale del modo dire e in corsivo la traduzione che si utilizza in italiano


  • a red herring (un’aringa rossa) – una pista falsa / un depistaggio

The detective found a lot of documents on the crime scene but they all turned out to be red herrings.

  • to catch someone red-handed (catturare qualcuno con le mani rosse) – prendere qualcuno con le mani nel sacco

Timmy was caught red-handed stealing cakes from his grandma’s cupboard.

  • to paint the town red (dipingere la città di rosso) – fare baldoria

The weekend, at last! We’re finally going to paint the town red!


  • out of the blue (fuori dal blu) – di punto in bianco, inaspettatamente

Jimmy called me on the phone out of the blue yesterday.

The teacher was very angry with us and decided to give us a test out of the blue.

  • once in a blue moon (una volta ogni luna blu) – una volta ogni morte di Papa

I wash my car once in a blue moon.

She visits us only once in a blue moon. We wish we could see her more.


  • green with envy (verde d’invidia) – verde d’invidia

Barbara was green with envy when she found out that her sister had a new boyfriend.

  • to give the green light (dare la luce verde) – dare il via libera

Our project has been given the green light. We can finally start working on our survey.

  • to have a green thumb (avere un pollice verde) – avere il pollice verde, avere talento per il giardinaggio

Josh’s garden is filled with lush vegetation. He really has a green thumb!


  • pitch black (nero assoluto) – buio pesto

We had a power cut last night and since we live in the middle of the woods with no-one around us, everything was pitch black.

  • the pot calling the kettle black (la pentola che dice al bollitore che è nero) – il merlo che dice al corvo che è nero / senti chi parla!

Tommy said his deskmate was cheating in the exam but he had all the answers written on his wrist. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black!

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